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Difference between top performers and others

Renita has found the real difference between top performers and everyone else. I think she is right. The Real Difference Between Top Performers and Everyone Else

How to facilitate real conversation in meetings?

Like I’ve said before There are no good meetings The question in Askmanager describes the usual meeting setup where you and I have been many times. How useful it is to have meetings where only status updates are shared? No discussion. No conversation. No ideas.   Try to break patterns. Meetings are not useful if they

Is it possible to find completely stress-free job?

Do you know what my husband does for work?” she said. “He’s a military surgeon. He sees people die. Every single day. That is what I try to remember. There are no casualties in my work. Read In Desperate Pursuit of the Zero-Stress Job

How to convince your co-workers?

Sometimes you would like to do things completely different way than your co-workers, but they don’t believe you or are not willing to take the change. What do you do then? You can try to convince others – and you should briefly, but don’t take it personally if they don’t accept your way. It’s

Best answer to question: How to create company culture

I think Tanmay Vora has so far the best answer to question: How to create company culture? Organization culture is a reflection

Have nothing in your CV? Try adding failures.

Princeton professor Johannes Haushofer did create CV of failures and published it on Twitter. New "publication": My CV of Failures! — Johannes Haushofer (@jhaushofer) April 23, 2016 I’ve seen a lot of CVs and I can tell you most of them are really bad. I previously wrote that you should prepare a story

Keep looking if your heart does not sing

David Pullara wrote linkedin post explaining why he left Google. It can happen that you work for excellent company, with excellent people and you love the company you work for – but if your heart doesn’t sing – you need to keep looking. It’s better to keep looking, than spend 8 hours per day